The Round Robins have all been completed for this summer. 

Thanks for playing!


If you would like to play over the winter, the Winona Tennis Center is hosting Round Robins once a month. Check out their schedule and register in advance for them at:



This is a “Challenge” not a “tournament.” The Round-Robin Challenge is simply a fun, competitive format where everybody will play one game with and against somebody different for each round, or as a team.


You must be able to play at a 3.0 level or higher in order to make it fair for all participants in a general Round Robin. Some Round Robins will require a 3.5 or higher rating, and others, a 4.0 and higher rating. To check out your skill rating please click here


Fast facts:

  • The challenge takes place on Sundays from 4-6 pm every two weeks starting May 26 through July 25 at Oak Park.
  • Each game will be played to 11, win by 1.
  • There is a max of 15 minutes per round.
  • We will play 6-8 rounds depending on the number of players.
  • The challenge will take place over two hours.
  • You must register online by Friday before Saturday's challenges.
  • A minimum of 8 players is required and a maximum of 20 players is allowed.   NOTE: If not enough players are signed up, an email will be sent out to notify you by  1 pm of that Saturday. Otherwise, even if less than 8 players are signed up, please plan to come to play unless notified.

If there is a tie, there will be a head to head competition where the two leaders will partner with 3rd and 4th place players to determine the winner.


What to Expect:

When you arrive you will be assigned a number. Your number remains yours throughout the session and dictates which court you play on, with whom you are playing as a partner, and against which opponents. The first numbers listed will be the team that serves first. The serve side is by the outside fence at Oak Park. You will play on an assigned court. The court numbers are listed on the posts on the courts.


At the end of each round, you will record your score on a sheet. The number of points you score in the round robin rounds will be added up to determine the winner. The winner gets bragging rights -- until the next challenge!


Bring: a chair to sit in, lots of water, sunscreen, towel and a smile.


Note: this is a vigorous activity! Please warm up and stretch prior to the start of the round robin challenge. Your breaks will be between games IF others are still playing. Sometimes that means you have 5 or more minutes to rest, other times it means just a minute or so.


Click on WHERE TO PLAY to see directions to the park including a helpful video!