New or beginner level players!

We are excited that you are checking out pickleball! It's a fun game that is easy to learn, doesn't cost a lot to play, is healthy to play, and will give you a whole new community of friends!


We invite you to get in on the pickleball conversations online with Facebook (see links at bottom of page).


AND we would love to know you are playing! Please contact the La Crosse Area Pickleball Club at


In addition you can:

1) get on the email that goes out with all things pickleball and local pickleball communication. Your email is kept private and never shared.

2) get on the GroupMe app (it's free) to know who is playing and where on the iffy weather days. More info on our website here.

3) check out the Clinics page on our website to know when we are hosting our own learn to play clinics, when the city is hosting their clinics, and at times there will be professional players hosting clinics for various levels of play.  


This page has some of the key questions asked the most by new players.

Q: Where to play? Does it cost anything?

A:  Outside courts are FREE!

     Playing at the YMCA (Onalaska or La Crosse) requires a membership or day pass of $10 per session.


At Oak Park in Onalaska there are 6 outside dedicated courts (meaning they are made just for pickleball and won't have any additional lines from other sports). There are other tennis courts in La Crosse that have pickleball lines put on the courts for your use as well (like Bluffview Park). There are also two dedicated courts in Holmen at the Remington Hills Park along with 2 courts lined for pickleball but would need to bring your own net.  Trane Park in La Crosse has 8 courts for play  

To play at the YMCA in La Crosse or Onalaska you will need a YMCA membership or pay $10 per session to play. You may wish to check with a Y member friend on a free pass. There are 2 courts to play in La Crosse and 2-4 courts in Onalaska depending on gym availability.  


On Sunday nights in the winter months, there are 3 courts at First Free Church on Mason Street where you can play for FREE from 6-9 pm.  


Holmen Area Community Center -  see "where to play" for days and times.


All play times, indoor and outdoor, are listed on our website under WHERE TO PLAY.

Q: When you list times to play, what does that mean?

A: Pickleball is a unique sport in that it is a come and go sport. The times listed are "drop-in play" times, in other words, you can come play with others during the time listed such as 9 am - 12 noon. Come for an hour, come for all three - it's up to you!


Due to a limited number of courts, you may need to wait your turn to play. That's the time that you get to chat and get to know a lot of people! You can also ask them about the rules of the game, etc. while you are waiting. 


When there are many people waiting to play, people often begin to "stack paddles" which means 4 paddles are stacked to go into the next game. Then another 4 paddles for the next game. 


Q: What do I need to bring with me to play?

A:  I encourage you to wear good court shoes (not running shoes or walking shoes as it's easy to turn an ankle in those because they are only built for forward movement). Tennis shoes are made for lateral stability for those side to side steps as well as back and forth. Also important: bring a bottle of water, a towel to dry off, and if in the sun - sun lotion, sunglasses, hat - those type of things! And did I mention water?! Gatorade?!


If you have your own pickleball paddle, bring it. As noted in next question, if you don't have a paddle, we have paddles for you that you can borrow while at Oak Park or the Onalaska YMCA.


Note: there is a port-a-potty at the outdoor Oak Park location.


Q: I don't have a paddle or a ball. How will I be able to play?

A: Our club has paddles available for you to use at Oak Park! You are welcome to borrow and return them at the end of your play. In addition, many players have additional paddles to lend out and are happy to do so. Regarding balls, the players all come with balls that they share with everyone. Someone gets a ball and its used for the course of play or until they leave. There are plenty of balls. Plus, there are additional balls available in the lock box at Oak Park should they be needed.


The YMCA also has paddles and balls. Our club has additional paddles stored in our pickleball locker. Ask any player to get you a paddle - or they may let you borrow one of their paddles! Yep, many players are that nice!


BALLS! Our members use the Franklin X-40 ball for outdoor play.  Need balls - La Crosse Pickleball will have balls for sale again this summer. 

For indoor play we use the Onix Fuse orange ball for indoor play (orange is easier to see on a gym floor).  Currently for sale at Houser YMCA from Jo Ann Wickizer.


Q: I want to purchase my own paddle. How do I do this? What ones do you recommend?

A: Paddles can be purchased for $30-$250.


We have several paddle reps in our area: 

Diadem - Mark Gumienny 
Engage - Diane Walker
PickNinja - Adam Archer
ProLite - Cameron Court
Selkirk - Corina Turiff
SixZero - Cindy Ondell, Alyssa Britson, Peter McPhail


The links to the paddles I'm giving you go to the Pickleball Central website where you can get an additional 5% off the price, and another 5% goes to our club to help in the purchase of pickleball equipment and such. Use the code CRLacrosse in the discount code box and it will be applied to your purchase. In addition, you have 30 days to try out the paddle and if don't like it, can return it. They have outstanding customer service. For more pickleball supplies, check out our website HERE.