Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle by ProKennex


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Details the follow provided by Pickleball Central:


The Kinetic Ovation Speed is a unique paddle with excellent vibration-dampening properties, responsiveness and touch. The Ovation's oval shape and edge-less style prevent mis-hits while greatly widening the sweet spot. Thanks to special tungsten-filled chambers, this paddle absorbs energy to prevent shock from affecting its handler. This means you can make play for longer periods of time without worrying about tenderness from "pickleball elbow." 

The Kinetic Ovation Speed has a proprietary 7-layered face which offers a "spin-grab" feature so balls are more easily curved across the court. The paddle has a 7.7 - 8.0 oz weight range and its handle measures 4-7/8" with a small grip. Its design has a colored background with two stripes of white running vertically on the left side of the face. Near the top is a circular white emblem with the ProKennex logo in the center. 

The Kinetic Ovation Speed is a pro quality paddle the eliminates concerns about shaky handling and fatigue, allowing players to focus on high level strategy. 


The paddle sells for $160 on Pickleball Central who gave us the paddle to review. You can get the paddle HERE on their website - and remember to use our discount code: CRlacrosse.


Reviews by our club members:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying out the new  ProKennex Ovation paddle at the La Crosse, WI outdoor pickle ball courts.  I have to admit that I did not think any one paddle would be significantly different from others.  I was wrong.  The ProKennex Ovation paddle allowed me to put much more "touch" on my shots than I've been able to do before.  While I was only able to use it for one game, since others at the courts wanted to try it out also, that short time was sufficient to convince me that this was a significant upgrade from my current equipment.  I plan on buying one for my wife, who will just begin to play pickle ball very soon, and I hope she might lend it to me on occasion :)  Thanks to Pickleball Central for exposing us to new developments!

- Mark H


I’ve been using the ProKennex ProSpeed paddle for about a year so I was used to the unique feel and sound of their vibration suppressing technology.  That does take some getting used to but in my experience it has been well worth it! 


My decision to purchase the ProSpeed a year ago was because I was experiencing “golfers elbow” which is located on the inside of the elbow rather than tennis elbow typically located on the outside (at least according to my sports medicine doctor).  Either way I tried the ProSpeed paddle and it works! I typically play for 3-4 hours a couple of time per week and the ProKennex paddle allows me to do that pain free!


The visible difference between my current paddle and the ProKennex Ovation is the shape.  But the differences don’t end there.  At first I thought the paddle was heavier than my current paddle but after weighing them both on my home kitchen scale it turns out they are exactly the same, 8.1 ounces.  After using it during play, I decided that the perceived difference in weight is because the paddle feels a little more end heavy.  For me, that weight distribution difference translated into a little more forehand power.


In addition to power, I think the sweet spot was either a little bigger or a little more forgiving. Either way I like the feel of this paddle, the shape, and the ability to add more power to my shots.  I honestly did not note a difference in dinking or drop shots but maybe with more time I might.  


One thing of note with this paddle is the edgeless design.  I really like that, but it does result in some wear and tear which is normal.  However, I actually ended up with a few minor cuts and “splitters” from my old paddle.  I used some electrical tape over the edge and that resolved the issue.  I see the new paddle comes with head tape that should be applied prior to use. longer an issue I guess!

- Lynn L

I was pleased for the opportunity to try this paddle. I am quite new to the game and have not tried a lot of different paddles. Nevertheless it became apparent immediately that this was a paddle type I have not used in the past. The most immediate difference was the feel of the hit; which was solid (kind of like hitting the barrel of a baseball bat) without much feel of the hit in your hand. The hand to grip to paddle linkage was good. At the same time the ball exited the paddle with authority. My take is this paddle is most suited to power. I don't turn the ball over much so I cant say much about that, or the texture of the surface relative to that. Logically I like the idea of the shape in that it eliminates the poor shots that come off the corners. On the other hand, no matter what the paddle shape is we, as players, should be using the sweet spot of the paddle. Thank you Pickleball Central for allowing us to review this paddle.

- Dave S


I have recently had the opportunity to try the ProKennex Ovation.  My first impression was positive.  I felt that my shots were very accurate.  The sweet spot appeared to be significant and the grip felt good in my hand.  It had ample power and excellent control.  The surface was very good for placing a spin on the ball as well.  The accuracy of my dinking and drop shots was similar to that of my Onix Outbreak which is my everyday paddle.


Once I got into a game, I noticed that I did not like the balance.  It felt a bit heavy on the nose and as a result my reaction time on quick shots felt a little slow.

The paddle is appropriately priced.  Overall I had a neutral impression of this paddle.  I would recommend that players try this paddle and see if it works for their game. Thanks Pickleball Central!

– Robert L


This is a great paddle! I usually play with the Prolite Supernova and I found the power and control to be similar, with the ability to get a great spin using the Ovation even easier. The sweet spot felt really good, too! Sometimes one gets used to hearing a certain sound and you know you hit the ball in the right spot. I needed a little calibration with the Ovation as it is a quieter paddle, but I soon got used to it. Finally, the accuracy question - this paddle will take your ball where you can put it. As it has a little more power off the paddle than the Supernova, it took a small adjustment on the drops and dinks, but it was an easy one to do. It is definitely a paddle I would recommend for players of all skill levels and abilities. Thank you Pickleball Central!

 - Jan L


Our group recently had the opportunity to review the Onix Outbreak paddle which is new on the market with the TeXtreme technology that really holds and ball and provides outstanding control.


It sells for $130 on Pickleball Central who gave us the paddle to review. You can get the paddle HERE on their website - and remember to use our discount code: CRlacrosse.


Here are our local reviews:

"I used the Onix Outbreak paddle recently during YMCA open play.  It features a graphite face reinforced by TeXtreme® Technology for better touch and control without adding weight. It has a square handle which I didn’t think I would like, but I was wrong!  I am glad I played with the paddle without judging it first by the handle shape! The grip shape allowed me to hold my paddle consistently, without having to adjust my grip. I thought the paddle had a ‘soft’ feel to it, allowing me to place dinks accurately and without popping them up.  

I felt the paddle absorbed the fast pace of the ball which enabled me to place my shots easier. The ‘sweet spot’ was large, which also helped me with accuracy in placement of my shots. I liked the control I was able to get with this paddle. I felt the paddle had good power. 


I think the paddle is good for someone wanting to place their shots and absorb the velocity of the ball coming at them. I felt confident in dinking as well as third shot drops. The ball seemed to bounce off my paddle without popping up. When I went back to my regular paddle, I felt my shots were flat and I had to hit my shots harder. I liked using this paddle. For a beginner or intermediate player the cost may be a bit high, ($140.00) but if you want control as well as power, this might be the right paddle for you." - Mary B



"On 2/4/19 I was able to use the Onix Outbreak while playing pickleball at the Onalaska YMCA. As a beginner, playing for roughly 2 weeks now, the paddle I use is an Ianoni Wild Night PR570. The Onix paddle is far superior to the paddle I use. The Outbreak is more of a touch and feel paddle, and it is quite noticeable. While using the Outbreak I was able to control my dinking, place those shots better, as well as hit deep drop shots with more accuracy. With this paddle, I was also able to control my dinking shots as well as adding spin to the ball with minimal effort. As a power hitter, this paddle doesn’t provide extreme power, you can tell this with the more touch and feel aspect of it, but as a strong hitter, it did not affect that aspect of my game too much.


The grip on this paddle is great as it does not provide too thick of a grip, but enough to have control of the paddle. The only issue I had with this paddle was the handle length. Having a bigger hand, I could feel my hand hanging off the handle, which is something that can be fixed with ordering a longer handle for the paddle. I thought the paddle was a perfect weight as I did not feel it “weighing down” my arm while playing with it.


Overall I thought this was a great paddle. As a beginner, this paddle gave me confidence in my dinking as well as deep drop shots while still giving me the option for my power shots without consequence. Being able to add spin to these dink shots as well as return shots was a plus as well. I think this paddle is best suited for a power player looking to increase their game in dinking, spin, returning and deep drop shots that aren’t looking to lose much on their power shots.


I’d like to thank Pickleball Central for allowing me to review this paddle and get a better feel for what they provide. As a new player, it is nice to use a higher quality paddle to get an idea of what would better suite me. I would recommend this paddle to anyone looking to add the touch/feel aspect of their game as well control." - Nathan C.


"I am a 4.0 player with four years of Pickleball experience and had the opportunity to demo the Onix Outbreak.  The first thing I noticed when playing with this paddle was the rectangular grip.  It felt very different from what I am used to, but I found that I liked it.  The grip shape made the paddle index in my hand effortlessly.  The paddle had a soft feel and provided a good amount of control, but I also noticed that there was no lack of power whatsoever.  It actually felt like the ball stayed on the paddle for a longer period of time and sprung off.  It almost had a feel of a strung racquet.


After calibrating my game to the paddle, I found my percentage of drop shots increased.  My dinking also felt more controlled.  The sweet spot was considerably large compared to most other paddles I’ve used.


I feel that the price of the paddle is very competitive.  Overall I really liked the paddle.  It provided significantly more control than my current paddle without sacrificing any of the power.  I would highly recommend this paddle for players of any level." - Robert L



"My paddles of choice are the Onix Evoke Pro and the Pro-lite Supernova - and now I will add the Onix Outbreak to my go to paddles. I really like to feel the ball on the paddle, control it, and yet have a good amount of power behind it. Comparing it to the others, it had even more feel/touch and a bit more power. As a woman, the grip felt big and different and look forward to Onix making a smaller grip on this paddle in the future. However, within a few points, I don't think about the grip anymore. The paddle weight was 8.2 oz so that is why it gives a bit more power than my other paddles in the high 7's. 


What sets this paddle apart is the control I got when using it. I felt more confidence in my third shot drops and greater control of my dinks. As an almost 4.0 player, this paddle is great for those wanting to win games at the higher levels due to the control you can get. Drop shots and dinks are imperative as you go up in the higher skill levels. I wish I would have had a paddle like this when I started - so I would definitely encourage a beginning player to get it. Start out with a paddle that will give you confidence and will improve your game quickly as you drill and work those important skills.


I did have 3 other friends use the paddle while I used it over two days of play. One felt the weight too heavy for her - a smaller framed woman - but I believe Onix is addressing this and she was excited to try it when a smaller handle or weight would come out. Another didn't like the grip style and couldn't get past it, but otherwise loved how the paddle played and was quite impressed. Another LOVED it and played for two hours, making incredible drop shots and dinks, and is going to buy one! 


Thank you, Pickleball Central, for letting us review this incredible paddle! What a gem this new paddle is to the pickleball world! - Jan L.




Our group had the opportunity to review this paddle for two weeks. It was sent to us by Pickleball Central. We are so grateful to this great company for allowing us to review a paddle of this caliber and new technology!


The following are the reviews of the paddle. If you would like to see more paddle reviews and information on this paddle, please go HERE on Pickleball Central to do so. For all Selkirk paddles, please go HERE. If you would like to purchase the paddle, be sure to use our discount code CRLacrosse




"I tried out the Selkirk paddle today and found it to be an excellent product. I have been using the River Styx paddle as my comparison. With the Selkirk, I liked that the weight and the contact area was very uniform when hitting the ball from different locations on the paddle. I liked the absorption that the paddle displays when in contact with the ball. It has a muted feel and I find myself not over powering the ball on returns, a situation I experience with the River Styx paddle (much like what you experience in tennis with a tightly strung racquet). The surface feels a little more tacky, which I like. The RS paddle is unforgiving when performing a cross court slice, as the ball tends to skid off the paddle. Not so with the Selkirk. If I could I would have bought it on the spot!" - Dan H.


"I had the opportunity to try the Selkirk Amped S2 X5 on March 25th.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to try this paddle. I used this paddle for about an hour and was thoroughly impressed.  My first impression was that the pallet seemed a bit bulkier than what I was used to, and provided a little less feedback.  Once I started playing a game I found that paddle very responsive and forgiving.  I found that if I did not hit the ball in the center of the paddle, it was much less apt to turn in my hand and that the ball would still go where I was aiming.  It had a very good touch.  I felt that my drop shots and my dinks were going exactly where I was wanting them to go.  The sweet spot was very large and the surface allowed for excellent spinning capability.  I would say that this paddle had an excellent balance between power and control, but found the control aspect most impressive.  The grip felt comfortable and changing grips going from forehand to backhand was no problem. I found that this paddle helped my net play the most.  Particularly in touch shots and blocks.  The stability in my hand for blocks was in my opinion the greatest attribute of this paddle.  Normally when blocking a hard shot at the net, my accuracy is about fifty percent, especially when I do not catch the ball on the sweet spot of the paddle.  This paddle increased my accuracy at least an additional twenty percent.  I am seriously considering getting one and using it as my primary paddle.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a great all around paddle with an emphasis on accuracy and stability." - Robert L.


"Excellent paddle !!!  I liked the weight and responsiveness of paddle for both ground strokes and volleys. The S2 has a shorter handle length which I had never played with before.  I was able to adapt to the handle length quite easily.  I liked the construction of the paddle - a change from the aluminum Selkirk paddles I own.  I much prefer the polypropylene core and fiberflex face.  All in all, a great paddle.  I plan to buy one." - Kent B.


"Great paddle!  I felt the paddle provided a larger sweet spot as well as the responsiveness of the paddle to a variety of shots.  The shorter handle length was not difficult to adjust to at all.   I felt it provided more power on my shots.  I liked the grip and weight of the paddle as well, I felt in control of the paddle." - Mary B.


"Didn't have my regular paddle for today's play, so was able to play with this new Selkirk paddle.  Very easy to get use to.  Gave me good control with my dink game along with power for my overheads and drives from the baseline.  The grip felt a little larger than the paddle I usually play with, but fit my hand well.  My only negative comment is the raised edge on the edge guard - not flush with the face of the paddle." - Karen B.


"I was impressed with the Selkirk paddle. It was light and well balanced in my hand. The grip is comfortable too. When hitting the ball the paddles seemed to feel like it didn't vibrate down to the grip. The surface was good for getting a spin on a lot of the shots, also during the dinking. All in all it is a good product. Thank you,!" - John V.


"I have played with a variety of paddles, and will often change out paddles depending on the type of ball that is being used, court surface, or other factors. I find there is a bit of "break in" time of getting used the paddle, its power in particular has been an issue for me, whether the ball pops off the paddle, is more controlled, or feels "mostly dead". With this paddle, I discovered NO "break in" time was needed. It immediately felt right in my hand, it did what I wanted the ball to do, and often, I felt more "control" or "stability". I don't know if that comes from the thicker core, but the paddle did not want to turn in my hand for those balls not hitting the sweet spot. And it felt like the sweet spot was large and "forgiving". I have been able to put more spin on the balls and feel confident about it with this paddle than most of my other paddles. The price is high, but  worth it as it is an outstanding all around paddle. Thank you, for providing us with this demo paddle!" - Jan L.


"When first gripping the pad all I noticed it was shaped a bit different than other paddles. However this paddle was very comfortable and did not slip in my hand whatsoever. This is one element that I really liked because some of the other paddle grips occasionally spin in my hand. I liked the surface of the Selkirk. It gripped the ball nicely to impart a little bit more spin on my slice shots. In conjunction to the paddle having a great service for spinning the ball I also found it would give me more control on my drop shots which is a huge part of my game. And speaking of control, I also felt that this paddle had great control when using it on my hard hitting shots. The sweet spot was very large and surface allowed for both excellent power and spinning capability. I was very impressed with the Selkirk Amped S2 X5 Fiber Flex and plan on purchasing this paddle."  Jackie C.


"As a beginner to the sport of Pickelball, I had only been exposed to various paddles that others had graciously lent to me.  After only playing twice, I was given the opportunity to test out the Selkirk Amped S2 paddle and was not disappointed.  The paddle's weight felt very comfortable and the grip was a perfect fit, both allowing me to have more control and success in placing my shots.  I was also pleased that the paddle was more quiet than others I had previously used, allowing me to focus on the job at hand.  I'm afraid any other paddle that I use in the future will have a hard time competing against my experience with the Selkirk Amped S2.  My first paddle purchase will be a Selkirk.  I appreciate for providing demo paddles for use by us beginners and also experienced players to test out." - Cindy R.


 Below are a few pictures of our group members playing with the paddle!