GroupMe App

Our club uses this free app to communicate regarding play both indoors and outdoors. This is particularly helpful with the summer play times when the weather is iffy/too hot/windy. Nobody wants to drive 30 minutes to play and discover there aren't enough players. We have over 60 players using this app - join in!

  • It is FREE to download for iOS and Android
  • Your phone number is NOT SEEN in this app
  • This app acts like a text messaging system without using text messaging rates.
  • Once you download it, let Gary know so you can be added to/invited to our "La Crosse Pickleball Club" group and/or "La Crosse YMCA" group. Contact Gary at .
  • Additional instructions are sent to you via email that may be helpful in using the app because we want you to be successful in using the app! (Those instructions are included below.)
  • Don't have a smartphone? You can download this on your computer and use it:

So Step 1) download the app 2) Contact Gary Ekern at: to get invited to our groups on it - and include your cell phone number. 3) Follow the link sent in a text back to you and you're all set! Easy!

Watch this video for tips on how to use this app!



Do you need to direct message (text) one person? 

Please do so by touching their name in the group list. It will then pop up with an option to direct message, etc. You will be able to keep track of this conversation at will be available in yours and that person's chat option. How to do this is shown in the video.


Please use this feature rather than having ALL people seeing a private conversation. You will get a warning the first time. Repeated use of the app to text one person will result in removal.


In the instructions you are sent, you can also set up your own groups for additional pick up games, etc. 

* You can see how to do ALL of that in the video!



When you use the app, we ask that you only answer in affirmative that you are coming so we don't get notifications that are not necessary to the conversation. 



Please refrain from sending out messages prior to 8 am and after 9 pm to respect others. 



The app is intuitive, but these things may help if you are not "techie" oriented.


For direct help, you can go to their support page:


1. Watch video 1 to know the sign up process (example is for another group, but ours is “LaX Pickleball”.)


Video 1:

Go to app via the “App Store” on iPhone or android “Play” and search for and download “GroupMe’ -- or click on the text link that was sent to you.

  • Follow the instructions you learned from video 1 to set up your account.
  • You have already been added to the “La Crosse Pickleball” group. You should see that group. If not, close the app and open it again.

2. Next, watch this video for additional information on how this app works.

Video 2:


3. Choose your settings! Next, in the app, click on the 3 horizontal lines on top left of screen and then click on settings at bottom of list.


In settings you can see that you can

  • pause notifications
  • mute notifications (this mute setting is found under the logo icon)
  • and choose a sound that alerts you when a message comes in.

Choose “notifications”. If you do NOT want a sound to alert you of notifications, turn OFF “sounds”.


You can control other ways of notifications and how you see them, but be sure to “allow notifications” or you won’t be notified on conversations in the app.


How to get back to the chat list? Click on the top left 3 horizontal lines and then click on “chats”. You should then see the La Crosse Pickleball group and other groups you are in or direct messages that have been sent to you.


Touch the group or person to see the most recent chat messages from that group or person.


4. Video 3 goes a little more in depth to help you set up your own groups. If you have a group of players you like to play with, you can message this group. No one else will see this group except for the members that are a part of it.

Video 3: