YMCA: membership required 


Houser YMCA - Onalaska:  Open Play

Recommend calling to confirm times, since times do change

Sunday 9am-12pm

Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday 8am-11am


Wednesday 9am-12pm

Thursday 9am-12pm

Friday 9am-12pm 

No open play on Saturday


Dahl YMCA - La Crosse

Current Schedule:

Monday 7am-10am


Tuesday 7am-10am



Wednesday 7am-10am 

Thursday 7am-8:30am & 10am-1145am


Friday 7am-10am





First Free Church, Onalaska - 3 courts 

Restarting for the new year on 1/7/24

6pm-9pm doors open at 5:30pm for set up

Watch our Facebook page for more details!



 Holmen Area Community Center

Play fee:  $4 members -$6 non-members - packages also available

Tuesday:  12:30pm-2:30pm

Thursday:  12:30pm-2:30pm

Call for more info: 608-399-1870


Winona Tennis Center (WTC)


Beginning September 2023


Price to play

There is a new Pickleball Membership available. PB members pay $5 per 2-hour session. Non-PB members pay $10 per 2-hour session.


Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8:30-12:00

We have drop-in pickleball on these three days. However, you need to contact Dan Hampton (listed under Staff on our Website) and register to become part of the drop-in group on these days. He will add your name to our email list, and you will be contacted on Sunday, before the beginning of the following week, to see if you have an interest in participating on those specific days.


Group play is also available Monday-Friday mornings. Again, you need to contact WATA to make a specific court reservation for group play.

Saturday: 10:00 – 12:00

There is no drop-in play on Saturday. 

Group play is available on Saturday, and reservations are required.

Sunday: 10:00-3:00

There is no drop-in play on Sunday. Groups need to make a reservation to play on these days.

Features Fieldhouse - West Salem

See their website for details:






The GroupMe App is used by members to coordinate indoor and outdoor play. To get on that FREE app, see instructions on our website under “GroupMe App”.





Spring/Summer Play Outside:


  • Trane Park (8 dedicated pickleball courts)  Courts are now open for play!  Trane Park tends to not be open play.  Come and with your own groups to play  
  • Bluffview Park (2 tennis courts with pickleball lines using the tennis net)


  • Oak Park (6 dedicated pickleball courts) -- see the video below on how to get there! This is the MAIN place people play during outdoor play.  Open play daily 8am-12 noon
  • Parkridge Tennis Courts (4 tennis courts with pickleball lines using the tennis net)


  • Remington Hills Park (2 dedicated pickleball courts and 2 courts requiring a portable net)
  •  Holmen Community Center - please go to:


DETAILS and DIRECTIONS BELOW for these courts! 


At all of these locations, unless a designated tournament or skill level, you are welcome to come and play. Pickleball is "drop in game" meaning that people come and show up to play during the hours listed. You wait your turn to play the next game, perhaps stacking paddles if too many people. Between games, you can get to know some amazing people that are in our community! Come play for an hour, come play for three!


Don't have a paddle? Come and play! Our club has paddles available for you to use at the Onalaska YMCA and the Onalaska Oak Park locations. In addition, many players carry an additional paddle or two - and for the most part, they will not only lend you their paddle, but help teach you how to play the game! We are a friendly bunch who love to have a good time while playing the game. We will also have plenty of balls to play with.


What can you bring? Good tennis court shoes!! Running and walking shoes don't provide the good stability you need to play a game and not risking rolling an ankle. Please bring some water to drink (in an enclosed bottle), a towel if you get sweaty, sunglasses if outside. It would be helpful to read the rules to understand a few things before you come. But if not, we will go over them with you and you can learn more as you keep on playing.



Oak Park

Where: 2011 Craig Lane W, Onalaska, WI 54650


The park is located BEHIND residential homes. Look for a small sign that is located by what look likes a "bike path" (see video below), and drive on it to the court. Park on the grass. There are often 20+ players there on the four courts. A portable potty is available onsite during the summer months.


Whenever the weather is nice enough to play, the hours are:

  • All Mornings 9:00 am - 12 noon 
  • Beginner play time 11 am on T and TH
  • All afternoons from 4 to dusk. (events on T and TH)
  • On Tuesday nights, there is a Ladies Night on 6 of the courts starting at 5:30 pm. Bring a snack to share and beverage/wine.   Ladies night being held at Oak Park in Onalaska
  • Thursday night,  Doubles Ladder League 6pm-7:30pm
  • Saturday,  Singles Ladder League 12pm-2pm
  • 2nd Sunday of the month:  Special Events 3pm-8pm

Ladder League is also held during the summer. Click HERE for more information.


Open Play: A gentle reminder - if someone is waiting to play, it is proper to not play another game with the same players. The person who is waiting to play should be able to get in on the next game. Please be aware and check to see if people are sitting waiting to play if paddles are not being stacked yet. Thanks for showing kindness on the courts. We generally do 4 people come off the court, and 4 new people replace them so the maximum number of players get to play.


To be alerted of any news regarding play, we encourage you to sign up for the La Crosse Pickleball email (your email stays private) and to sign up online at the La Crosse Pickleball page and the Greater La Crosse Pickleball page. To get the email - Contact Gary at

La Crosse and Onalaska



The city of Holmen has just resurfaced two old tennis courts - and converted one court into TWO dedicated pickleball courts! The other tennis court has 2 courts of pickleball lines on them and will require your own net to use.


Where: 1100 S. Cherry Lane, Holmen WI 54636


Currently there aren't dedicated drop-in times to play, but check back as we work on expanding into this option there with the Holmen/Galesville area players. 


We do encourage players to come to these courts especially from 9 am - 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday mornings when Oak Park is rather busy.


Holmen's Pickleball page:


Drone view of the 2 dedicated courts and the 2 courts that require a portable net.

The portable net courts are on each side of the tennis net.

New Courts in La Crescent: