Pickleball Central

If purchasing supplies from Pickleball Central, and we hope that you do, you can save 5% off your purchase AND give 5% to the La Crosse Area Pickleball Club to purchase balls and more for the use of everyone!


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Other websites to check out to purchase Pickleball supplies, clothing and more!


Pickleball Rocks


Paddleball Galaxy


Total Pickleball


Google these name to go to the websites of paddle dealers:

Engage, Onix, Selkirk, Paddletek, Wolfe, Pro-Lite, TOPP, HEAD, Gamma, Wilson, Manta, Patriot Pride, Aero


Recommended balls for outdoor and indoor play in our area:

  • Indoor: Onix Pure 2 or Fuse indoor... recommend the orange color if using at the YMCA in Onalaska or La Crosse
  • Outdoor: Onix Fuse G2 outdoor... recommend the yellow color as that is the color most easily seen by all ages. We do use the Onix Pure 2 but are phasing it out as the Fuse G2 is a better ball.


Please do not purchase wood paddles as they are heavy and will not have the bounce and control that a paddle with a polymer core, graphite or aluminum will have which provides greater enjoyment in playing the game.

The La Crosse Area Pickleball lists these websites and items as guides but is not responsible for your actions regarding them.